Lamb cutlets with greens


This is Pello and this is my first legitimate post to my new blog! 🙂 My first post will be a foodporn one, cause i like to eat! Before getting into it a thankful shout out to my friend the super awesome Helene, who made me this blog – don’t forget to check out hers (it’s in Estonian):

Lamb cutlets with greens

What you need:
Lamb cutlets with vegetables makings

For the cutlets:
500 g organic minced lamb
2 organic eggs
couple loaves of rye bread
leek (about 5 cm)
oil for frying

For the side salad:
handful of sugar-peas
handful of baby spinach
extra virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar


Chop the leek, garlic, chilli and bread. Mix the chopped stuff with minced meat and eggs. Oh, don’t forget to add salt and pepper to taste. Take two spoons (or use your hands) and roll nice sized cutlets (shape and size is totally up to you). Take a pan, heat it up, add oil and fry the cutlets until crispy brown from both sides and you are DONE with cutlets!

Here’s a visual 🙂
Lamb cutlets with vegetables process

For the salad chop the sugar-peas and break down broccoli. Take a pot and fill it with water, add salt. Bring the water to boil. Throw in the broccoli and sugar-peas. Blanch the veggies for few minutes (lets say 2 minutes). Drain and then add the baby spinach. Add some extra virgin olive oil and salt+pepper to taste. Mix, and voilà the salad is done. When plating drizzle with some balsamic vinegar.

Lamb cutlets with vegetables

Bon appétit!

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