Oven-cooked beef with tomatoes and bell pepper

The other day I craved for meat, so I got a piece of beef from the store. My friend had brought me some pomegranate sauce, that I’ve been using for green salad many times but for nothing else. Something in my head clicked and I thought this would give superdelish sweet and sour taste to the meat. I was feeling lazy so I thought I’d put everything to the oven and pour it over with the pomegranate sauce – so it would cook by itself without any hassle. I ended up with a delish beef dish that will be repeated many times in the future.

Oven-cooked beef with tomatoes and bell pepper
(Serves 2 / Cooking time with prep approx. 50 min)

What you need:
Oven-cooked beef with tomatoes and bell pepper

400 g beef
4 tablespoons pomegranate sauce
3 smallish tomatoes
1 bell pepper (I used yellow for colour reasons)
garlic (about 5 gloves)
handful of basil leaves (you can use dried basil)
olive oil

What to do:

Preheat the oven to 180º C. Prep the stuff. Cut the tomatoes into 4. Chop the bell pepper into easily edible chunks. Clean the garlic gloves and cut into half or quarters (depending on the size). Slice the chilli. Season the beef with salt and pepper from one side. Roughly cut up the basil.

Take an oven tray and drizzle some olive oil to the bottom. Lay everything on the tray (keeping the seasoned beef part bottom) and pour the pomegranate sauce over the beef. Season with salt and pepper.

Oven-cooked beef with tomatoes and bell pepper

Cover the tray with tinfoil or lid if your tray has a lid. Put it to the preheated oven for 40 minutes (10 minutes per 100g of beef). Wait. Take it out let and it rest for couple of minutes, keep the tinfoil on. Cut the beef into slices and plate the dish. Voilà!

Oven-cooked beef with tomatoes and bell pepper

Bon appétit!


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