Quick chickpea and mushroom soup

Lazy Sunday cooking time! I was little too hungover to go to shop to get stuff so I raided my fridge and found frozen wild mushrooms and a can of chickpeas. Condition mentioned before 😉 steered me towards a soup. So here it is supersimple and easy chickpea and mushroom soup.

Chickpea and mushroom soup
(Serves 2 / Cooking time with prep approx. 20 min)

What you need:
Quick chickpea and mushroom soup makings

1 can of chickpeas
handful of mushrooms (I used funnel chanterelles that can be substituted with oyster mushrooms)
1/2 mushroom stock cube (or vegetable stock cube and teaspoon of ground dried mushrooms)
2 celery stalks
1 big garlic clove
2 cups (400 ml) of water
olive oil

What to do:

Here’s a vine video of the next steps:

Prep the stuff. Chop the celery and garlic. Break up the mushrooms. You’re ready to cook.

Heat some olive oil in a pot. When hot throw in the garlic and celery. Fry for a minute. Throw in the mushrooms. Fry for couple of minutes. Pour in the canned chickpeas and water. Add the stock cube half. Mix. Lid the pot and let it cook for 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. You’re done! Plate the dish and dig in! VoilĂ !

Quick chickpea and mushroom soup

Bon appétit!

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