Simple chicken curry

It is still winter outside so to continue my Marks & Spencer food stuff testing I thought I’d whip up a simple curry. Quick and easy way to get the needed warmth to the body. Thanks to the already made spice mixes and tikka paste it was surprisingly quick and delish foodsing.

Simple chicken curry
(Serves 1-2 / Prep and cook time approx. 30 min)

What you need:
Simple Chicken Curry makings (

1 can of coconut milk
rice for two (I used two 125g boiling bags)
handful of asparagus stalks
1 medium tomato
1 chicken breast
1 bell pepper (colour doesn’t matter)
4 tablespoons Tikka Paste
4 tablespoons Garam Masala spice mix
2 garlic gloves
olive oil

What to do:

Put water on for the rice. While this is getting to boil prep the stuff.

Chop the tomato, bell pepper and asparagus to your liking size. Cube the chicken breast. Chop the garlic (to save time use garlic press).

Put the rice to boil. Take a wok pan and heat some olive oil.

When oil is hot throw in the garlic, tikka paste and garam masala spice mix. Fry a minute or so. Now throw in the cubed chicken breast. Fry while mixing for couple minutes. Now add the chopper bell pepper, tomato and asparagus. Fry for couple of minutes. Keep mixing everything. Season with salt and pepper. Mix. Pour in the can of coconut milk. Stir. Taste. If you need more spice add more tikka paste. Stir. Take the stove to medium low and let it cook for couple of minutes while the rice is getting ready.

When rice is done you are done. Drain the rice. Plate the dish. You’re done. Voilà!

Simple Chicken Curry (

Bon appétit!

P.S. Best enjoyed with a loaf of naan. I loved the Marks & Spencer’s pre-cooked naan. I threw it to the oven for couple of minutes while everything was cooking on their own.

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