Tallinn Fashion Week 2015, Day 3

So day two left me a little disappointed in Estonian fashion scene. After going through the third day’s list I went to the shows with high hopes. One thing was certain from the start there would be a lot of beautiful dresses, which there was. But about everything brand by brand.


The night was kicked of with a guest from Latvia. Wow! The night got an awesome start. Nice production of the show — styling, makeup and hair all perfect. Everything fit with the brand and the clothes. One other thing to point out this was the only “future” collection — resort 2016 — as other showed current season stuff.

I liked the clothes. Modern. Easygoing. Bit of Nordic touch mixed with Asia and Slavic culture — all in a very nice and fashionable balance. I can see the woman who’d shop at Nolo. Kudos!

Tiina by Tiina Talumees

Snoozefest. Boring but well executed very feminine dresses. I don’t have much more to stay. Every feminine woman needs some everyday dresses – why not one of Tiina’s. I’m starting to think that Tiina Talumees has gotten stuck in her clients taste standards and she’s goten accustomed to the guaranteed income that these kind of simple pretty dresses bring in. Fashion has gotten lost a bit.

Diana Arno

The PR mastermind of the week. She got Estonia’s very own international supermodel Carmen Kass to open, walk in and close her show. Good move to get press excited and guarantee coverage. Kudos!

Unfortunately the clothes didn’t excite me as much as the buzz around the show. The craftsmanship looked very high-end and precise and the materials looked very luxurious and expensive on the catwalk. I can see people wearing Diana Arno’s creations. Tho, they’re not my cup of fashion tea – fashion forwardness just wasn’t there for me. I don’t have to love everything. But I can appreciate the craft and production of the clothes if they’re made well and in this case they were. Well done.

Iris Janvier

Wow! The girls outdid themselves this time around. I have to be honest I haven’t really been a fan of Iris Janvier’s brand before. But the massive collection showed this fashion week made me a believer! Modern. Sleek. Playful. Fashionable. And the red glittering sequin pieces were just terrific for the end of the show. I even thought it would be nice to own an oversized red sequin t-shirt myself. There was a certain cool factor to the clothes. I urge women to check out Iris Janvier’s creations, many will successfully find pieces for their wardrobe — everyday or a special event all will be covered. I hope they manage continue on with this drive that brought us the recent collection.

Tho, one thing for the next show. Get a better stylist. The weird neck stuff (scarves and such) didn’t give anything to the clothes on the contrary they distracted a little.

The grande finale of the night was the shows of the members of the Estonian fashion powerhouse Embassy of Fashion — the place where beauty lives. And again the audience’s expectations were met by a horde of beautiful dresses. The power-team knows women’s bodies like back of their hands.

Aldo Järvsoo

Beautiful black gowns with Ruta Tepp’s coats made for a fantastic show. Aldo Järvsoo is the designer who can’t do wrong in fashion. The little Asian touch in the styling and music and hints in some pieces was nice. I’m a sucker fro fringe so the fringy dresses and furry coats were just my cup of tea. Full collection was ready for a glamorous night out – how many of those are in Estonia is another question, but the international appeal will compensate on that I’m sure.

Ketlin Bachmann

Terrific! Yet again super feminine beautiful gown, but with Ketlin Bachmann’s touch of punk and rebel. The leather appliqués of bugs and swans made the exquisite gowns feel modern and playful. These are the red carpet ready dresses for the woman with a touch of rocker in her heart.

Riina Põldroos

Fantastic. I loved the freshness that the white gowns brought to the full Embassy of Fashion show. Riina Põldroos has always been the most feminine style in the team. That was the case this time around too. Lovely gowns. Some elements and patterns felt a little deja-vu’ish but beautiful nevertheless. She was one of the few using accessories in her collection – but she used her own label’s bags. Kudos!

This was a nice wrap-up for the Tallinn Fashion Week, the womenswear part of it that is because there’s day four coming up with a menswear performance.

Photos: Erlend Štaub

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