Supersimple mushroom bacon pasta

I haven’t been good blogger lately. Heavy workload and illness took me out for a while. I promise to try harder and post more often from now on.

Yesterday after tiring workday I wasn’t keen on hassling too much in the kitchen and  went supersimple.  Here comes one of the easiest things to cook.

Supersimple mushroom bacon pasta
(Serves 2-3 / Cooking time with prep approx. 15 min)

What you need:
Mushroom bacon pasta (

pack (approx 400 g) of oyster mushrooms
120 g smoked bacon
two handfuls of pasta
big knob of butter
parmesan for serving

What to do:

Put the pasta water to boil. At the same time prep the stuff. Chop the garlic gloves (I used 2). Cube the bacon. Brake the mushrooms into smaller chunks. Grate some parmesan. You’re ready to cook.

Vine instructions:

Put pasta to boil (see the cooking time on the package). Heat a pan. Throw in the bacon cubes. Fry until bacon is medium crispy. Add the butter and garlic. Fry for a minute. Throw in the mushrooms. Fry until pasta is al dente. Drain the pasta and add to the fried mushrooms. Mix. You’re done. Plate the dish. Sprinkle with parmesan. Voilà!

Mushroom bacon pasta (

Bon appétit!

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