Barcelona & Primavera Sound

I’ve been a superbad blogger lately. I haven’t even shared the awesomeness of my Barcelona trip at the end of May.

Now before hopping off to Sardinia and Milan tomorrow, I’ll share my experience. Me and my 2 bff-s went to Bareclona for Primavera Sound music festival for a week this May. OMG! It was a supercool experience – lots of tapasing, foodsing, wine, cava, jack and music. I’ll let the pics give a sneak peek into our Barcelona vibe.

Our toursiting.


Our foodsing.

For food I  recommend checking out supertasty food at Tapas24TocaTeca and of course Michelin starred Lluerna.

Our Michelin starred gastronomically orgastic foodsing at Lluerna.


Primavera Sound (music and Jack).

I loved the live shows of Crystal Castles and Phoenix. The mood and atmosphere made Primavera my no. 1 festival. Next year I’m definitely going back:

Crystal Castles vine:

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