FLOW Festival music and foodsing

Last weekend I went to Helsinki (Finland) to enjoy Flow Festival. I got myself a 4-day ticket so we got there already Wednesday to enjoy The Knife and then there was a day off and then full on festival marathon from Friday to Sunday. Flow is one of my favourite festivals to date. Everything is well organised and it is in the city so now tenting and mud :). I stayed at a friend’s place that is about 5 minute walk from the festival which meant we could head to the festival on a quite relaxed schedule.

Musically it was all and more than I expected. I liked the pre-concert of The Knife – I saw them in Primavera where they were a tad more cooler but nevertheless I enjoyed the show at Flow. From the festival itself there were so  many wonderful artist that excited me pointing all them out would make this post like a festival line up list. I ended up liking Alicia Keys – at first I had lots of expectations and was tad disappointed but eventually I enjoyed the show (I think the people yelling, talking and singing loudly around me made me not so happy at the beginning, but we moved a little closer and I could enjoy the music and her magnificent voice). From Friday I enjoyed also Kendrick Lamar’s performance. Saturday’s highlight for me was Jens Lekman (the cutest music ever). Sunday I enjoyed Kraftwerk’s 3D show. But the most awesome ever was GRIMES! I was so expecting Grimes as she had cancelled the concert last autumn in Helsinki. Oh, was that good. I don’t know how but mademoiselle Boucher is magnificently talented!

Festival foodsing:

This year the foodsing at Flow was organised much more better than in previous years. I loved that you had lots of choices. Everything looked so tastylicious and the foods that we ate were superdelish. There were food for everyone whatever your foodsing beliefs were (vege, meat, asian, italian, etc.).  And on top of that the prices were totally reasonable.

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