I’ve been hassling with sore throats and tummy aches for over a year now and after millions of antibiotics and stuff finally docs think they know what’s wrong with my body. I’m not getting into details but work stress, alcohol, lack of sleep, no exercise has taken its toll on my stomach. I got some pills and dietary and lifestyle instructions for healing my body. Though my doc didn’t go into specifics I have goggled the hell out of the instructions and can now say I think I will handle this.

I’m on high alkaline and low starch diet for a month and then after that I need to check my acid food intake to figure out what my body likes and what not. Anyways interesting days are waiting. I haven’t been a super veggie fan in my life so I need to teach myself to eat more vegetables. Thank god in few weeks I can eat meat and drink milk again. These two restrictions are my biggest issue with the new menu. Otherwise it’ll be fun to experiment with new stuff.

Here’s my first healthy day shopping bag contents. Hello greens!

shopped some greens

It will take some time to hassle through the options and pairings, but you can bet that the recipes coming this month (and later) will be suitable for an alkaline diet 🙂


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