Chickpeas and spinach pasta

I was a tad hungover on Sunday and didn’t feel like going shopping for food and didn’t feel like ordering anything from a restaurant. So I went to my fridge and found some stuff that in my head should go together – I can say they totally went. I ended up with a superdelish veggie pasta that I’ll be repeating many times in the future. Try it for yourself!

Chickpeas and spinach pasta
(Serves 2 / Prep time approx. 3 min, cooking time approx. 10 min depending on typo of pasta)

What you need:
Chickpea and spinach pasta makings (

bunch of spinach
can of chickpeas
pasta (I used a big handful of mafaldines)
big knob of butter
chunk of parmesan

What to do:

Put the pasta water on. When water is boiling cook your pasta as it says on the pack. While the pasta is cooking prep and cook everything else.

Drain the chickpeas leaving a little of the fluid for later use. Chop the garlic and leek. Half the lemon. Grate the parmesan.

When your pasta has about 6 minutes left to cook take a pan. Melt the butter with leek and garlic. Add chickpeas and splash of the fluid. Squeeze in juice of half the lemon. Cook everything about 3-4 minutes. Throw in the spinach leaves. Season with salt and pepper. Mix everything. Drain your pasta and throw it into the mixture. Mix. You’re done cooking. Plate the dish and sprinkle everything with parmesan. Voilà!

Chickpea and spinach pasta (

Bon appétit!

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