Primavera Sound 2014 experience

I’ve been offline for a tad. Me and my friend Jarõna we went to Primavera Sound music festival in Barcelona and then vacayed in Granada for a week. Unfortunately my phone was stolen on the last day in Barcelona, so this post will cover just the Barcelona and Primavera part of the vacation. Sans the phone being stolen the vacation and the festival were a blast! Unfortunately I lost most of my photos, but luckily iCloud’s PhotoStream function was able to save some of the photos. Not sure why not all but anyway I have some.

We stayed in the beach-side apartment in Barceloneta, though most of the time we just slept there then couple times we had some time to wander about the neighbourhood. On one day we found a super tasty tapas place called Celler de Tapas in Paseo Joan de Borbó.  We ended up late-lunching there two times for the taste-money-value. Everything was yummy and 4 tapas to share, 2 desserts, 2 coffees and a bottle of cava cost just around 55€ in total.

At the festival the lineup was super awesome. I finally got to see many of my favourite artists’ live shows. Day 1 highlights for me were fantastic Arcade Fire, mega-fantastic Metronomy and marvellous Glasser. Due to rain and our need for comfort we missed Haim (I saw a little of them at Flow last year, so I wasn’t too sad) but the day 2 highlights were surprising Darkside and mesmerising FKA Twigs. The final day highlights were the awesome Kendrick Lamar and Blood Orange. This year we spent a lot of time between acts in the Boiler Room dancing to brilliant DJs. I’m definitely going back next year!

Ofcourse I had to take my meggings with me to the festival and fun around with looking colourful. I got noticed, photographed, talked to and complimented on them so that was also a success 🙂

One thing that Primavera should learn from Flow is the food. OMG the food was totally random and we ate just to get some energy to party until the wee hours of the morning. Some shots of the burgers, burritos here:

On the last day in Barcelona we had a beach picnic to celebrate my friend Kristel’s bday who was visiting Barcelona with her fiancee.

After that my phone was stolen in the wee hours of the morning and we flew off to Granada to stay with our awesome friend Jagna. From there on I was offline and without a camera. Just enjoyed the wine, tapas and vacation.

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