It is Police time!

Couple of months ago my wrist watch broke – the plastic band ripped and then on top of that I stepped on it, so bye bye my faithful timekeeper it was. The hunt for a new watch started. The apple watch isn’t out yet and I’m not into any other smart watches so I started to look around real watches. Hinted to my friends. And after a little while I got reconnected with a brand from my childhood – Police.

My first connection with the Police brand was in the 90s when all the cool people had Police watches in my hood. When my bro got a pair I was super-jealous. Then I didn’t know about the Police watches or accessories range. Now I know better 🙂

This time around I set my goal to find a proper manly watch with a metal band and big enough. After many hours of internet research and meeting Police Estonia people the gunmetal and fashionably named Milano watch spoke to me. It is elegant and flashy at the same time and matches with my wardrobe and me being more of a one watch owner kind of a guy that was it. Perfect match made! Milano has a blueish dial plate and multifunctional date function and is just the right bigness for my not so big wrist. It met all my criteria for a new timepiece, everyday friend.

Here’s a little sample of the Police watch collection:

You can find out more about the watches and the accessories line from the Police Estonia site and facebook page.


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