Baltman A/W 2015. Pello the stylist.

Like promised I’m making my comeback to blogging. Step by step. First up are some rememberings from this summer.

In the beginning of August I had the most coolest opportunity to be a stylist for a fashion show. I was approached by Baltika Group‘s A/W 2015 fashion show organiser with a proposal to be a stylist for the Baltman label for the seasonal overview show. I was like hell yes, lets try this! My styling experience is near to nothing, though when in the beginning of 2000s i dabbled in fashion design I did style my own shows, but this was my first ever styling of a real proper big show for an established brand.

I loved the A/W 2015 show idea that all brands were styled by different people. This is a first for Baltika I think. Other’s stylists were my bestie Helene Vetik for Ivo Nikkolo, Hanna Martinson for Blue Inc, Katrin Pihela for Bastion, Merit Boeijkens for Mosaic and Karl Keskla for Monton.

I got all the Baltman branding materials with the lookbooks and imago photos to prepare a presentation of my ideas for the styling and Baltika seemed to love it, so i got approval to be the stylist. I took inspiration from their urban city vibes mixed with classical tailoring and seasonal colours – hues of grey, marsala and blue. As I have been following Baltman’s and Baltika’s development and fashions for years now, I knew I had to liven up and add some youthfulness and ease to the somewhat classical brand. So I brought to play some accessories from the real life. Pelago and Erenpreiss bicycles from Bicycle Studio Jooks, Qwstion bags from Reede store and some glasses MaiMai Optics. The main footwear sponsor ABC King‘s selection was livened up by brilliant selection of Yuketen and Tricker’s shoes from Sfäär Store.

Here’s what Baltman itself says about the season:

“The wild and romantic spirit of the dark cityscapes is a key inspiration for the the autumn/winter 2015 season, blending sharp tailoring with traditional outdoors styling. Fabric innovation and craftsmanship are a defining force, as designers infuse perennial items with a tactile sense of luxury. Retro references feel pared back, with a modern approach that offers room for the fabrics to shine. While sophisticated signature tailoring remains dominant, there ́s a new nonchalant attitude in the city with relaxed, silhouettes in the minimalist 1970s lounge story.”

Anyhow, less talk more pics (shot by Maksim Toome)!
Take a look and judge for yourself how’s the fashion and how I did.

Enormous thank you to:
Baltman’s head designer Antonio for all the help.
Baltika for taking a chance on me.
Maret Soom for thinking of me and offering me the job.
And of course all the models. Kudos!

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