Mádara Cosmetics basics test

I’ve been trying out basic skincare products form the Latvian organic skincare company Mádara. As I’m not the biggest beauty product user I took on the nice challenge of testing the basics that make the most of my beauty regimen – shampoo, shower soaps and deodorant.

I’ve been following Mádara’s products for a long time hoping they make some men’s stuff but still no luck. Yet, I hope. Tho, their design aesthetic is already mostly neutral so I figured that the products could be too. So it was about time to put this thought to a test.

I don’t believe in million level beauty processes. On top of daily shower routine I have my moisturising face cream, hair styling paste and fragrance and that’s is it. Then there’s an occasional face scrub and a hand cream. So I thought the best way is to try out the simple basic products that I would actually use.


Here are my thoughts after almost three weeks of use.

Gloss and Vibrancy Shampoo

I’m the no-conditioner guy. So my shampoo has to do all the work solo. First days of using Mádara’s Gloss and Vibrancy shampoo made my hair feel a little too dryish. I put it on the hair getting used to the new shampoo. I was mostly right as after a little while my hair got used to it and was normal again. Though I can feel that it quite not the shampoo for mee, especially in the cold weather conditions that make my hair drier anyhow. But I’m certain if you are the yes-conditiooner guy then the smapoo and conditioner combo will deliver what is needed.  Shampoo’s solo act is not enough for hair that’s on the dry side and/or accustomed to conditioning.

I was positively surprised that you need so little shampoo to get the foam going on. This put me at ease about the size of the bottle that seemed really small at first.

Verdict: Good enough shampoo for everyday use. Get the conditioner if your hair falls to the dry side.

Body soaps

I tried out the Nourishing Soap with Northern Plum and Wheat protein, the Vitalising Soap with invigorating essential oils and Northern Quince and the Refreshing Soap with with Northern Peppermint essential oil and Algae extract.

First thing I have to say is that the name “soap” confused me a little and made me think of dried up skin (Soviet memories). But this wasn’t the case with Mádara’s body soaps. All three leave the body soft and smooth – especially the Nourishing plum one.

All in all the soaps are like your any other everyday shower gel. You can choose any of the three and safely go for the nice-smelling shower experience. But these are organic so double nice!

I loved the marzipan smell of the Nourishing Soap that became quite fast my favourite one of the three. The fruitiness of the Vitalising soap is quite mild so don’t be afraid to try. The pepperminty Refreshing soap is also nice – I’m not the biggest fan of cool freshness after hot shower so there wasn’t a big surprise that I left this alone after few times of use.

Verdict: The Nourishing Soap is the best in my opinion. Leaves the body the softest out of the three. And smells super nice – earthy, plummy and marzipany.

Herbal Deodorant

With this products I had the most doubt. Organic and deodorising, really? But oh boy how I was put into my place by how well this deodorant works.

This is my favourite product from the test. The deodorising effect lasts the whole day. And it doesn’t leave any marks on the clothes which is always a plus. The herbal source means it doesn’t have a distinctive smell on its own so your fragrance can shine on. What more would you want from a deodorant.

Verdict: Must have! Fresh. No stains.

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Organic is not is not for women only! In conclusion I can honestly recommend Mádrara basic products to the men out there. Try for yourself and for your body.

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