Squash, chicken and bacon pasta

Yet again I’ve been bad blogger. It’s been a busy beginning of the year – lots of work and I’ve entered the dating world in full throttle too :). Hence, I haven’t had a chance to come up with any new recipes. Yesterday while shopping I thought it is about time to try something new. So I decided to whip up something out of a squash that called my name in the aisle. Here comes a delicious pasta recipe. You can substitute the squash with pumpkin.

Squash, chicken and bacon pasta
(Serves 2-3 / Prep time approx. 5 min, cooking time approx. 25 min)

What you need:
Squash, chicken and bacon pasta makings (pellissimo.ee)

some pasta (I used handful of Mafaldine)
approx 500 g squash
glass of white wine
pack smoked bacon (120 g)
half a pack chicken thigh meat (approx 250 g)
spring onion
handful of grated parmesan
olive oil

What to do:

Prep the stuff. Chop garlic, spring onion. Grate the parmesan. Cut the bacon into slices and the chicken into small ices. Peel and cube the squash (note: smaller pieces cook faster).

Take a deep pan or a wok pan and heat throw the bacon in. Fry for couple of minutes. Add garlic and chicken. Season with salt and pepper. Fry for couple of minutes. Add squash cubes, chopped spring onions and pour in the wine. Mix. Wait until it comes to boil. Lid the pan and lower the heat to medium. Let it simmer for 10 minutes or so.

Meanwhile cook the pasta as it says on the pack. When pasta is done, drain it.

Now the squash should be cooked through. Add parmesan. Mix. Taste. If needed season with salt and pepper. Mix in the pasta. Stir and you’re done.Plate the dish garnishing it with some parmesan and spring onions. Voilà!

Squash, chicken and bacon pasta (pellissimo.ee)

Bon appétit!


  1. I just wrote an article on how to do food photography and then searched trough WordPress and I love the way you present all the ingredients before you start cooking. Very creative!

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