Getting my LUSH on! #20lushyears

A little time ago I had yet another pleasure to hang with the fantastic blogger girls from the #Bloggersmarket and the beauty blogosphere. This time around to celebrate 20 years of Lush Cosmetics with a lunch meeting at Lush Estonia store at the shopping centre Foorum.

To celebrate the fantastic 20 years Lush introduced a special birthday collection of beauty products that ranged from bath-bombs to hand scrubs and everything in between. The smells and colours were brilliant. Head to Lush to check out the pampering products. I promise it is not just for girls, there are wonderful simple products for men too.

In midst of the presentation we got a fab wooden box that we could fill with five products of our choice. So we had the possibility to do some intense “shopping” under the wonderful care of the Lush girls. I’m a super lazy when it comes to beauty products. I have my moisturiser cream, hand cream, shower gel, shampoo and eau de parfum and i’m set. Sometimes I dabble with some masks and scrubs but no more than once or twice a year. And I can’t be bothered with conditioner. I said I’m lazy, I like my sleep in the mornings. So this selection was super hard for me. Though in the end I found supercool stuff that are already making some updates to my beauty regime – but nothing too much (still lazy).

Here’s the contents of my box, the five products that I chose and am now testing:

LUSH #20lushyears (

  1. Because my beard has a life of its own I was already prone to try some beard care and I had heard nice things about Lush’s Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash. Lets see if this will help me to take control of my beard.
  2. My nails and fingertips tend to get dry so the Lush girls suggested to me to try the Salted Coconut Hand Scrub and I have to say after couple of uses I feel it working. After the scrub my hands feel much more softer and the moisturising effect seems to keep for a little while.
  3. I’m a sucker for olive oil shower gels so i decided to try the The Olive Branch Shower Gel.
  4. As said I like to try a masks and the Lush girls introduced to me the office people’s must have mask – Cup O’ Coffee Exfoliating mask. It smelled like a shot of espresso and promised to wash of the work week stress from the face. I haven’t still tried it, but I will keep you posted on the effects.
  5. And for the last product I trusted Helene’s suggestion to get a body spray. It’s a nice body refresher if you don’t have time to hop into the shower – like at festivals, or when guests are arriving just after work. I opted to the Smugglers Soul Body Spray because it was spicy like my DSquared² Potion edp.

I promise to keep you posted how the products feel after I have used them for a while.

Here are some shots by Helen Kattai of the LUSH lunch break.

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