My Michelin starred foodsing in Sardinia

I finally got to my last Sardinian post 🙂

Amongst the superfoodsing with Antonio’s cooking, one day we decided to have a fancy Thursday. On that day we went to one of the top beaches in Sardinia (La Pelosa beach. Stintino.) and had dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant – Ristorante Andreini. It was my first ever time in a Michelin star restaurant and I was expecting an overwhelming and a little uncomfortable experience, but it was on the contrary  really a super cosy and delicious foodsing experience. The atmosphere was so sweet and a little romantic that at the beginning I didn’t take even pictures, which later on you’ll see was OK as the lighting wasn’t best for taking photos but was super for foodsing. We had a three course meal with entrée and surprise snacks from the chef. It’s hard to describe the experience in other words than that I had multiple culinary orgasms that night! 🙂


The best ever pasta in the world. I could live on it for ever! If you have a chance to go to Andreini then I 100% recommend having Taglioni in a Pastry Crust of Pecorino cheese, sage and gray mullet bottarga. Heavenly!

Fryed seafood with red pepper sauce. Supertasty.

Chocolate cake. Superdelish!


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