NOA Restaurant experience

Last weekend I finally got to enjoy the super praised foodsing at a new seaside restaurant NOA. I booked a table at the head chef’s hall to get the best overview of their offerings. It ended up being a superfabulous night filled with high-class culinary treats. Both the a la carte and the head chef’s side are set up so while dining most diners will have a magnificent view at the sea and Tallinn silhouette, evening visitors will get also a fab sunset to with their dinner. Me and my friends ended up having lots of fun so there’s no pics of the view.

I decided to go for the full experience of 6 courses with drink pairings. Oh boy how that was a right choice. I’m not a big fan of pairings but at NOA it worked. All the food tasted so good and the wines complimented the dishes without being a course by itself . The stars for me were the seafood dishes and the mouth-watering dessert. It’s hard to describe the foods, you have to taste for yourself but the experience and the service level itself is worth a try.

All I can say is I’m mostdef going back to get some more tastylicious foodsing done there again soon.

NOA restaurant experience

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