Beluga lentil salad

I’m continuing with my alkalising detox salad recipes. As I can’t eat just plain lettuce all day long then I’m testing out different combos of the foods on my ok list. I craved for something thicker more resembling a proper dinner so I thought I’d try out lentils. Went to store and found supercool looking beluga lentils on the shelves calling me to buy the, so i did. They look very chic – black and small. Unfortunately they loose the blackness after cooking but still taste delish!

Beluga lentil salad
(Serves 1-2 / Prep time approx. 5 min, cooking time 20)

What you need:

beluga lentil salad ( makings

half a cup (100 ml) beluga lentils
half a cup mung bean sprouts
handful (about third of a cup) pumpkin seeds
handuful of rucola
couple of leaves or romaine lettuce
2 medium savoy cabbage leaves
1-2 small gloves of garlic
olive oil
cayenne pepper
sea salt

What to do:

Firstly put a small pot of water to boil. Throw in the beluga lentils. When they come to boil set a timer for 15 minutes.

Now chop the leaves to your taste. Throw everything into a bowl. Press on top the garlic with garlic press. Mix in the pumpkin seeds and mung bean sprouts. Season with cayenne pepper and pinch of sea salt. Mix everything.

Check if the lentils are done. When done drain the lentils and mix in with the salad.

Drizzle in some olive oil and mix everything. Taste. If needed season with more cayenne pepper and sea salt. You’re done. Voilà!

beluga lentil salad (

Bon appétit!

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