Buckwheat mushroom, fennel, asparagus green salad

My salad dinners continue as do my experiments of mixing stuff together. As my safe food list said that a little boiled buckwheat is ok for my alkalising detox and I was kinda craving for fennel then I decided to build tonight salad on that.

Buckwheat mushroom, fennel, asparagus green salad
(Serves 1-2 / Prep time approx. 5 min, cooking time 15 min)

What you need:
Buckwheat mushroom, fennel, asparagus green salad (pellissimo.ee) makings

1/3 cup of buckwheat
1/3 cup of sunflower seeds
dash (about a tablespoon) of flax seeds
half a celery stalk
4-5 asparagus stalks
couple of leave romaine lettuce
handful of rucola
quarter of a normal sized fennel
6-7 mushrooms
olive oil
cayenne pepper
sea salt

What to do:

Put a little pot with oil on the stove. When the oil is hot pour in the buckwheat. Fry a little, until some of them pop like popcorn. Carefully pour some water in and let it come to boil. Leave it to boil. The buckwheat will be done in about 15 minutes.

While the buckwheat is boiling chop the salad material to the preferred size. I basically chopped and sliced everything into fairly small pieces. When chopping the fennel use mostly the white part and just the beginning of the green top and leave the rest of the green for something other (nice in soups). Slice the mushrooms and throw everything into a bowl.

When greens are chopped and mushrooms sliced mix in the sunflower and flax seeds. Season with pinch of sea salt and cayenne pepper. Mix everything.

Check the buckwheat. If done (taste it should be soft but not mushy), drain the buckwheat and mix it in with the prepped salad. Drizzle in some olive oil. Mix. Taste. If needed season with sea salt and cayenne pepper. You’re done. Voilà!

Buckwheat mushroom, fennel, asparagus green salad (pellissimo.ee)

Bon appétit!

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