My awesome Lunch in the Sky

Brilliant! Last year I tried to get a spot on the Dinner in the Sky apparatus but failed with my planning and stuff, this year the Dinner in the Sky people asked me to try it out for a lunch! I said immediately yes I would love to! It was the best yes ever! The experience itself is worth the trip upwards not to mention the food was tastylicious!

Today’s chef was Vladislav Djatšuk from Restaurant Tchaikovsky. The 3 course lunch was delish!

For the first course we had asparagus with goat cheese. Yes goat cheese and I ate it all. The peeps who know me know that I’m not a big fan of goat cheese but this was made so delish that I could eat a second platter. Somehow all the ingredients worked with the cheese.

Lunch in the Sky powered by Dinner in the Sky 1st course asparagus and goat cheese salad

Second course was deer. It was tasty but nothing groundbreaking.

Lunch in the Sky powered by Dinner in the Sky main course deer

For dessert there was chocolate cake that I loved. It was in the deep end of sweetness but I love ending the lunch on a sweet note.

Lunch in the Sky powered by Dinner in the Sky dessert chocolate cake

If anyone has a chanche to try the experience out I would definitely say go for it! Food is delish! Views are awesome – I think the views will be superb in every city/country the Dinner in the Sky visits.

Thank you Dinner in the Sky for superawesome lunch!

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