Tallinn Fashion Week 2016, Spring, Day 2

Second and last day of spring Tallinn Fashion Week had some surprises, some familiar blahs and the guaranteed beauty filled ending.

Even though there’s some fantastic designers out there I’m a little sad that our fashion scene has stagnated into gowns and dresses for women and boring fashion for men. Seems being advanced in IT we stagnated a little in fashion design. Where are the minimal brands, the real ready to wear brands? Isn’t the gowny wold already oversaturated? For the future brand launchers out there – try to do more modern, more niche, more exciting, bring back the fun! Take over the world! You don’t have to compete between each other but together to conquer the international scene.

Ok to the shows now.

First up was the blast of fresh air from Katrin Aasmaa

WOW! That was a surprise of the  days. First of all mega props for making menswear. Secondly congrats on a fantastic collection. It was fun, quirky and little weird. If you look through the showpiece styling you can see how most of the collection can easily be converted into sellable items. I see there’s a young professional designer behind the fun show. Kudos! I will be keeping my eye on you Ms. Aasmaa! Keep up the crazy and don’t sell out to womenswear. I’m rooting for you!

Second up was Perit Muuga

Not my cup of tea. This show proved that material and the finishing of garments can make or break the show. This one broke. Lots of seams were unpressed, wiggly, crumpled which all made the materials look cheap that made the collection feel and look cheap. Overall fashion for me was blah. I’ve seen much of the silhouettes before. The roses have been there also before. I think Ms. Muuga is one of the examples who has constricted herself into the dress-gown fashion mold of Estonia. She might have some crazy in her – I noticed the Dr. Martens and stocking under her rosy dress when she popped out. This little fact gave me hope that there might be something in her. Let loose Perit Muuga! Go against the grain next time!

Third show was YEAR by Raivo Holm

Yet another snoozefest. Mr. Holm and lightweight designs are not best friends yet. He can do nice classic overcoats for autumn/winter but light spring jackets didn’t hit the mark this time for me. The fashion felt dated. But I’m pretty sure I’m not the target market for YEARs pieces. Tho I’m not sure, but if I had to guess then I’d say that the target audience is 55+ men and women who have eased out of the craziness and go for the safe classic styles. So, kudos to Mr. Holm for targeting the mature peeps out there!

Next up was Mammu Couture

Lace overload! Layers and layers and layers of lace. Whoah, this is out my tea-cup by million miles. So I leave the fashion judging for you guys. I just want to raise the point about the overall feel and styling of the show. Downgrading the modern woman much? I heard during the show, after the show and read some instagram comments that confirmed I wasn’t the only one feeling that this show took the women of today back to the olden times where the women were there only to please their man, cook and clean. Show of telenovela maids don’t ooze of empowered women – or does it?

The fashion week was ended by the marvellous dresses from Embassy of Fashion trio

Safe bet for some gorgeousness. And they didn’t fail on delivering. It was fun to see so much colour this time. The ease of summer was integrated to each part of the show. Soft styling and branchy accessories kept everything flowing in the summer breeze.

Riina Põldroos married the magical world of game of thrones and the today’s modern woman perfectly. Loved the birds!

Ketlin Bachmann gave an underwater night sky feeling – stars, fish and textures.

Aldo Järvsoo brought the 70s mediterranean yacht party to the wintery spring. I would have left out the skinny pants tho.

This was it.

Until the next time.

Photos by Erlend Štaub / Tallinn Fashion Week


  1. great stuff, but I belive there’s a word “eye” missing from the sentence:

    ” Kudos! I will be keeping my on you Ms. Aasmaa! ”

    can delete my comment after it.

  2. Mammu Couture was best. Who cannot see it, has to go to an eye doc.
    Before judging anyone, try to make it first.

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