Homeless Couture 19/01/2013

Oeh. After my promotion I’ve been busier than normal at work so the blogging has taken the back seat for a moment. I’ll be upping my post activity soon, I promise 🙂

This Saturday I’ll be taking part at the Homeless Couture flea market – 19/01/2013 Paar Veini @ 15:00-20:00. Last few nights I’ve spent going through my wardrobe, boxes and bags for different stuff to sell. I ended up with bunch of jumpers and cardigans to part with this Saturday.

I asked my friend Jarõna to help me at the end – I’m going to the opera at 19, so she’s going to hold my booth from 18:15-20:00. For this occasion she made a bunch of supercool pins! Come and get yours from Homeless Couture!

Here’s couple of pics of my stuff and Jarõna’s pins.

See you there!!!
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