For my #gettinghealthy foodsing I decided to try stuff that I haven’t eaten or have tasted just once-twice in my lifetime. First item was chinese cabbage or bok choy that I made into a delish warm salad!

Bok choy, radish, string beans and cashew warm salad
(Serves 2-3 / Prep time approx. 5 min, cooking time approx. 10 min)

What you need:
Bok choy, radish, string beans and cashew salad (

one decent sized bok choy
handful of red radishes (can be subbed with white radish)
handful of string beans
handful of cashew nuts
2 garlic gloves
little piece of fresh ginger
olive oil
dash (about a shot glass) of water

What to do:

Prep the stuff. Peel and chop garlic gloves and the ginger. Cut the string beans into half of thirds. Quarter or half the radishes. Slice the bok choy. Crush up the cashew nuts with you hands (optional). You’re done with the prep.

Take a deep pan (I used wok pan as always) and heat some olive oil in it. When hot throw in the garlic and ginger. Fry for a minute. Now add cashews. Fry for a minute. Throw in everything else. Fry for couple of minutes.  Pour in the water and lid the pan. Let the steam do its work for couple of minutes. Unlid the pan and while stirring everything wait until all the water has vaporised. Season with salt and pepper. You’re done. Plate the dish. Voilà!

Bok choy, radish, string beans and cashew warm salad (

Bon appétit!