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This is a #TBT post. Last week, day after my birthday, the fabulous #Bloggersmarket girls and little ol’ me were invited to check out what’s happening in the recently (spring 2015) opened WAB (We Are Beautiful) store in the shopping centre Foorum. We got an overview of their brands and the coming autumn/winter season and were also able to do a little private shopping.

I have to be honest I had been to WAB store only once before and just for 5 minutes, to see if I could find anything to borrow for my Baltman styling job. As I was in a hurry I just ran through the store and didn’t pay much attention to the selection of awesomeness they had for sale. I had only accessories in my mind and time was pressing.

So I was superglad that last Thursday we got to explore everything from the sale to the freshest autumn collections in peace with some prosecco. I have to say KUDOS! to the people running it. It is so refreshing to find such a big selection of contemporary high quality menswear in Estonia. WAB is truly a welcomed addition to the shopping scene in Tallinn.

WAB sells cool not-so-fancy-big-name brands. Just what I like. The small nordic and nordic-feeling brands are the reason why I do most of the shopping online or abroad. Estonian menswear scene is overfilled with big name brands that for me are a little blah. The mens fashion in recent years has grown to be much more cooler with the rise of lots of small brands that emphasise quality over quantity. About them in later posts.

My favourite was the small(ish) Danish brand minimum, that started out as a small menswear brand and in 2007 grew into a full line fashion brand offering womenswear too. Contemporary Nordic fashion from high quality materials.

minimum’s extended line caters for the young professionals out there with suits and jackets in the collection.

It was lovely to see that gsus was represented with a huge collection – not just one or two pieces. The same wide selection applies to all of the represented brands.

WAB also sells Schoffa shirts, historical British brand Ben ShermanKaibosh eyewear, Royal Republiq footwear and accessories and much much much more.

WABulous thank you for the night out (that ended with champagne and sushi at NORR11 showroom).

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